Op-Ed by Faraj Najem: Benghazi needs a new elected council

In Benghazi we firmly believe in municipal elections – and the sooner the better for the city, and for everywhere else in the country as well. Democracy was a prime goal of the 17 February Revolution in 2011.  The desire for a democratically-based civic state is now deeply ingrained in the hearts of all Libyans.

That is also the stance of the acting mayor of Benghazi who has said that he wants elections as soon a possible. He has also said that he will not be a candidate – ever!

This is precisely why we have supported the LNA’s efforts to securing Benghazi from home-grown global terror, and to rescue the country from those ideologues – those skilled conmen of politics.

The armed forces, too, have gone on record several times saying that they want free and fair elections and that all Libyans should be able to take part other than those who have excluded themselves by their wilful actions or been excluded by the law.

Benghazi faces a new chapter in its long history, a chapter of reconstruction on a massive scale. It is vital that this new chapter is overseen by a municipal council chosen by the city’s citizens. There are big decisions to be taken. Those decisions need to made by the public and have public support.

The only way that can happen is by having an elected council.

That is why so many are expected to turn up to Friday’s demonstration in Benghazi demanding municipal elections


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