Oil Basin Region Supreme Council: Closing Oil Fields and Ports Decision is Popular and Patriotic

Member of the Oil Basin Region Supreme Council, Salah Bumatary, stressed that the decision to close oil fields and ports is popular and patriotic.

In a statement to the “Independent Arabia” website on Tuesday, Bumatary said: “The decision is popular and patriotic in its goal; however we are supporters of the army operation in Tripoli, but the army did not interfere in our decision.” He noted that the popular movement is on its way to crystallize tribal leaders to speak on their behalf with international organizations .

He added: “The move aims to liberate state institutions from corruption lobbies and credit gangs that finance militia and terrorist groups,” stressing that the government’s sole authority to distribute oil revenues has directly and negatively affected citizens.

The Oil Basin Region Supreme Council member did not rule out that the Government of the National Accord (GNA) would resort to measures to pressure them to force them to retreat, explaining that one of the first signs of these steps is to reduce the quantities of cooking gas as the citizen began to suffer its absence at present, in addition to increasing the number of hours of the absence of electricity on the pretext of “a lack of supplied gas production for power plants and possibly the absence of cash from banks as well,” he said.

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