Greece’s New Anti-Drone Defense Technology Against Turkish Drones Important for Libya

According to a report by Kathimerini, Greece is secretly deploying Israeli anti-drone defense technology to defend its Aegean islands and to stand to rising security challenges posed by Turkish’s drones, and it could be of potential benefit too in Libya.

Vassilis Nedos, the Diplomatic-Defense correspondent for Kathimerini, said: “A veritable umbrella against enemy unmanned aerial vehicles is being set up on the islands and in critical locations around the country, according to reports, which say the plan has been implemented over the last two months in complete secrecy.”

Manufactured and created by the Israeli defence company, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, the “Drone Dome” works by jamming the communications systems and GPS of drones and potentially neutralising them. It can also reportedly shoot down autonomous drones with an invisible 10-kilowatt laser.

According to Nedos, the system could effectively counter well-known Turkish-made drones like Bayraktar TB2 and even the more sophisticated ones like ANKA-S.

Nedos also noted that the new anti-UAV system has been adapted to meet Greece’s specific requirements and the geographical terrain of the islands in the Aegean Sea and other border areas.

The Bayraktar drones continue to be used by Turkish forces in Libya, and also in Syria and in the conflict against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, and which have caused concern not just in Europe but throughout MENA, on how to counter any potential future confrontations with the Turkish UAVs.

Given the latest efforts by Greece and Israel, and recent reports of the Ukrainian military’s reluctance to use Bayraktar’s TB2 drones due to their vulnerability to Russian air defense systems, it could herald significant advantage to Libya and other countries and a possible game-changer in the current conflict with Turkey.