FULL STATEMENT: NOC Announces Resumption of All Oil Fields and Ports with Immediate Effect

The new head of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), Farhat Ben Gdara, at a press conference today after his appointment and taking over his new duties, announces the end of closure at all Libyan oil fields and ports with immediate effect. 

Farhat Ben Gdara, the new head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), announced at a press conference today in Benghazi with notables from the Oil Crescent, the lifting of force majeure and resumption of oil and gas to the highest levels.

AlMarsad publishes here an exclusive English translation of the statement by the NOC:

In the Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announces the lifting of force majeure and a comprehensive end to closures at all Libyan oil fields and ports.

As of today, Friday 15th July 2022, the closure of all Libyan fields and ports ends has been terminated.

The NOC has given instructions to initiate production arrangements, taking into account security, public safety and operational safety standards.

While appreciating the efforts made by all local and international parties, the NOC pledges to adhere to professional and non-political standards, and that it will continue to perform its duties with impartiality.

The NOC’s Board of Directors, appointed by a decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of National Unity (GNU), undertakes to abide by systems of governance, institutional framework, transparency and disclosure—away from improvised personality-based work—in a manner befitting this prestigious institution.

With the resumption of production from all oil fields, the NOC shall exert every effort to work in close coordination with the Ministry of Oil and Gas in order to reach highest levels of production as soon as possible, and to restore gas production for energy production units. The NOC shall be implementing an effective plan to increase production in coordination with international partners through the special budget approved for the current year.

The NOC also confirms, in coordination with the Minister of Oil and Gas and in accordance with the directives of the Government of National Unity, that it is committed to focusing necessary human resources for the section as among its most important objectives for the second half of this year, through the following steps:

First: Resolving the situation of oil company employees who have not received their salaries, by the end of September.

Second: Implementation of Cabinet Decree No. 204 of 2022 regarding increasing the salaries of employees in the sector, starting from this August, after completing the relevant financial and administrative procedures.

Third: Supporting and expanding a comprehensive training plan for national cadres in the oil and gas sector at home and abroad.

Fourth: Implementation of the medical insurance program for all employees of national companies, a number of which have stalled due to administrative and financial reasons.

God save Libya